Extortion On 123Movies

When a boating joyride during their Caribbean vacation takes a disastrous turn, a doctor, his wife and their 5 year old son find themselves stranded on an island. They believe they are being rescued by two fishermen but come to realize they are being held hostage until $1 million is handed over.

Director: Phil Volken

Production Co:Del Rey Films, Filmmuse Productions, Producer Capital Fund

Genre: Crime, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama

Country: USA

Actor: Eion Bailey, Barkhad Abdi, Tim Griffin, Jack Wallace, Elid Barrios, Stephanie Baez, James Gordon Jennings, Welmo Romero

Release: 15 May 2017

Duration: min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb:6.5 (78 Vote)

View: 922